Peter Duerst

Theater Portfolio

I'm Peter Duerst (he/him), a software engineer and theater maker in the Boston area.

I've made theater as a technical designer, actor, and director.

Check out my Theater Resume and some highlights of my work below!

Technical Design

I love to build things. It's why most of my technical design experience is on the scenic side, and it's why one of my majors was Mechanical Engineering. Here I've highlighted two productions: Einstein's Dreams, where I was Assistant Technical Director, and The Tempest, where I was Technical Director and Assistant Set Designer. 


Great theater connects us to our humanity. As an actor, my goal is to create an emotional connection with the audience and leave them with a memorable experience. I aim to bring realism and specificity to my roles to serve that goal. Here I've collected some of my favorite photos of my performances.


From Dungeons & Dragons to directing, I'm interested in exploring different ways of telling and experiencing stories. In the summer of 2017, I directed Marina, an adaptation of Shakespeare's Pericles. Here I've written about that process and collected some of my favorite photos of the production.

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Header photo: Me warming up by playing "Uncomfortable Positions" in the class Voice and Speech for the Actor (21M.605) taught by Livy Scanlon. Photo credit: Jon Sachs